Frequently asked questions

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Why is my data allowance not right?Why isn't my data allowance showing my full bundle?
How to get in touch with usContact us for help anytime
Can I get WiFi on the Tube?Can I use Virgin Media WiFi on the London Underground?
How can I remove content restrictions?Removing content restrictions for age controlled content like gambling
How do I block a number?You can prevent certain numbers from calling/texting you
How do I prevent spam calls?
What is a PAC/ STAC code and how do I use it?
How to add a SIM to your accountAdd more SIMs to your account for your family and friends
I'm tied into a contract, can I still join?
Can I commit to the 12 month plan later?
Can I have a new number when I join?
How do I turn on/off Caller ID?
Can I update my details?Update your name, email address and Direct Debit details in the app
What is WiFi calling and how does it work?All Honest Mobile SIMs now have built-in WiFi calling. Here's how to use it.
Careers at Honest Mobile
What's my PIN code?Find out the PIN code for your SIM card
What's the Honest Mobile Message Service Center Number?
What's my phone number?Where can I find my phone number?
What data speeds can I expect from Honest?What are the download speeds on Honest? What about when using Smart Signal?
Leaving HonestWhat to do if you want to leave Honest
What shortcodes can I text on Honest?Which text message short codes are supported on Honest Mobile?
Hotspot / TetheringInformation and troubleshooting for tethering
How to order a replacement SIM
How do I turn my voicemail on/off?Managing your voicemail settings on your 5G SIM
How do I access Voicemail?What number do I dial to access voicemail?
Can I use HulloMail?HulloMail is a popular option to enable Visual Voicemail on Honest Mobile